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Planar masks

  • SS Civil protective mask
  • SS Civil protective mask
SS Civil protective maskSS Civil protective mask

SS Civil protective mask

  • Size: 175mm*95mm
  • color: blue
  • Wearing method: ear hook
  • Product description: We produce and sell it ourselves. The material is made of non-woven fabric and meltblown fabric. The meltblown fabric has high density, high filtration and low resistance, flame-retardant and no flame
Product performance:
• Use high-melting ester and polypropylene as raw materials.
• Non-polluting, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, with high filtration performance and soft hand feeling.
• Can block, filter and isolate dust, particles, bacteria and viruses.
• Long-lasting static electricity, in which the water electret static storage time is longer, good adsorption and antibacterial.
• National quality inspection certification, standard GB/T32610-2016.
product description:
• High elasticity elastic band
• Shapeable nose clip
• Comfortable to wear, high filtration and low resistance
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