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Melt-blown fabric

  • 32L/PFE90+


  • AIR FLOW:32L/min
  • Weight:25g/m²
  • Width: 175mm
  • Product description: Our company has five 1.6-meter large-scale domestic and foreign advanced melt blown cloth production lines, focusing on the production of salt (NaCl) and oil (DEHS) melt blown cloths. At the same time
Recommended Applications:
• Daily necessities: wipes, dust masks, protective masks
• Medical and health: surgical mask
• Industrial supplies: oil-absorbing materials, dust masks, protective masks, filter materials
Product performance:
• Non-polluting, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, with high filtration performance and soft feel
• Use high-melting ester and polypropylene as raw materials
• It has the characteristics of high efficiency and low resistance, stable acid and alkali corrosion resistance
• Can block, filter and isolate dust, particles, bacteria and viruses
• Long-lasting static electricity, in which the water electret static storage time is longer, anti-bacterial, anti-static, flame-retardant and other functions, anti-tearing, anti-shrinkage
• 25g/m²
• 40g/
• 175mm
• 210mm
• 220mm
• 240mm
• 260mm
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