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What is electret masterbatch? Why should electret masterbatch be added to meltblown cloth

What is electret masterbatch? Why should electret masterbatch be added to meltblown cloth
According to the national yy0469-2004 "technical requirements for medical surgical masks", the important technical indicators of medical surgical masks include filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency and respiratory resistance. Friends who make meltblown cloth all know that only by adding electret masterbatch into meltblown material can fine particles, including air dust, aerosol, bacteria and virus, be filtered.

What is the role of electret masterbatch? Why can the filtration effect of meltblown cloth be improved by adding electret masterbatch?

Why should electret masterbatch be added to meltblown cloth? The melt blown cloth without electret has only mechanical barrier function, and the filtration efficiency is generally less than 50%. Only after electret can the melt blown cloth carry electric charge, which can effectively adsorb 0.3 micron virus particles with the same charge.
The most important function of electret masterbatch is to store electric charge and adsorb static electricity on the particles, which can rapidly improve the filtration efficiency of melt blown cloth to 90%, 95% and even 99%.

The principle of electret masterbatch is to increase the density and depth of charge trapping energy trap in melt blown nonwovens, effectively release negative ions and store charges, so as to improve the comprehensive filtration efficiency and thermal attenuation resistance of melt blown nonwoven fabrics. With the same fiber fineness and gram weight, the resistance of non-woven fabric can be reduced and the filtration efficiency of non-woven fabric can be improved at the same time.

Grade 95 meltblown cloth changes to grade 90 and grade 85 in a few days. Why? After electret, the melt blown cloth reaches 95 + level at first, but the effect drops after a few days. The main reason is that the electrostatic field is extremely unstable and the charge decays, resulting in the attenuation of the filter effect.
Therefore, electret masterbatch with long-term power storage and excellent compatibility with meltblown material can effectively solve the problem of charge decay. It is recommended that you use melt blown polypropylene PP and electret masterbatch with excellent melt blown compatibility.

It is worth noting that in order to produce a kind of melt blown cloth with high efficiency and high quality, in addition to selecting a high performance electret masterbatch and melt blown material, it is also closely related to melt blown process, screw, spinneret, voltage, etc.


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