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What type of mask is 95 meltblown cloth used for?

What type of mask is 95 meltblown cloth used for?

       Generally speaking, masks can be roughly divided into the following categories: civilian masks, disposable medical masks and N95 masks.

       So which type of mask is used for 95 melt blown cloth, and what kind of melt blown cloth is used for different masks?

1. GB18401 civilian standard masks. This standard is only a general textile standard. During the epidemic, the country does not recognize this standard. This kind of mask uses ordinary melt blown cloth that is not electret, and generally 3-5 micron bacterial filtration BFE can only reach 30- 60% or even lower, some unscrupulous manufacturers spray the fiber to 9-10 microns or even more than 20 microns, and the latest small melt blown cloth factory uses fiber materials with a melting value of 35 to make melt blown materials. The diameter of this kind of fiber is at least 30 microns, and the gap between the fibers is 50-80 microns. After being laminated, it will far exceed the diameter of the bacteria. If the fiber is sprayed to more than 10 microns, there is basically no bacteria barrier. Pay attention to the risks when electret melt blown cloth!

2.0969 Disposable medical standard mask, using BFE95 electret meltblown cloth, this is generally used for disposable medical masks, the weight is 25 grams, the fiber generally needs to reach 2-4 microns, and the uniformity of the spinneret needs to be controlled To control the size of the pores between the fibers, it is necessary to add electret masterbatch and equipment electret treatment to the melt blown cloth to achieve 3-5 micron bacterial filtration to reach 95%. This level of regular melt blown cloth production line plus electret treatment Can reach, but pay attention to the attenuation of electret charge!

3.0469 medical surgical mask, 0469 grade melt blown cloth, generally the BFE for 3-5 micron bacteria filtration will reach 99 or more, 0.3 micron PFE particle filtration requires 30% of this level of melt blown cloth, and the fiber should be finer. About 2 microns, the electret masterbatch is better, the electret effect is better, and the electrostatic effect is better. The weight is generally 25-30 grams.

4.19083 National Medical Protection Standard Masks, which is what we often call N95 medical protective masks. The melt blown cloth used is generally called N95 grade melt blown cloth. The BFE of this cloth will generally reach 99.99% or 100%, and 0.3 micron PFE particles The filtration must reach 95 or more, and there are also requirements for breathing resistance. This kind of electret melt blown cloth with higher efficiency and low resistance is generally used, and the weight generally reaches 50 grams. At present, the domestic melt blown cloth can reach N95 with high efficiency and low resistance. There are not many manufacturers, and some of them can't reach the standard after being thickened.

5.2626 national standard labor protection mask is also known as KN95. Generally, KN95 grade melt blown cloth is used. The standard PFE particles are 0.7 microns, and the protection level is lower than N95. The melt blown cloth can reach BFE99 level or 99.9 level. The thickness is 35-45 grams, which can usually meet this requirement. The cloth can only reach the BFE95 level. It is recommended to use 45-50 grams to be more secure! If you can't buy a stable electret melt blown cloth, it is safer to hit KN90 under the 2626 standard!

6.32610 civil standard masks have requirements for oily and non-oily particles. The particle filtration requirements are still higher than KN95. If you want to meet the second level 95 protection standard of melt blown cloth, 35-40 grams of electret are generally required Melt blown cloth, it is best to use 45-50 grams of melt blown cloth!


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