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Quality inspection should be done in the production of melt blown cloth

Quality inspection in the production of melt blown cloth is very important. Doing a good job in the production quality inspection of melt blown cloth is conducive to timely discovering the problems in the production process or equipment, and adjusting the equipment or process to produce a melt blown that meets the requirements. Cloth products.

The quality inspection in the production of melt blown cloth is mainly to do a good job in the quality inspection of the product. All the melt blown cloth produced by National Medical Technology will take samples for each roll of each roll of fabric for pfe and bfe filtration efficiency testing, and After the test results are printed, they will be sent to the corresponding melt blown cloth products.

       Then the warehouse staff will stack the products according to different types of melt blown cloth.

       Some customers will come to inspect the meltblown cloth, firstly to see the strength of the manufacturer, and secondly to ensure that it is the source manufacturer to prevent being deceived. Most customers will appreciate our clean workshop and the perfect quality inspection and management system after visiting our factory. So you can work with us at ease.

       We are equipped with a variety of testing equipment to facilitate the quality inspection of melt blown cloth. Customers can also sample our melt blown cloth from the production line for on-site inspection after they come to the door, so that users can truly feel relieved.


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